Examination of boats on the condition and function

Verification of boats

Boote Check - Prüfung von Booten

  • Finding and assestment of damage especially in electrical systems of boats
  • Damage assessment, to the electrical systems on boats
  • Consulting by purchase and disposal  from used and new boats
  • Qualitycheck
  • Evaluation of boatcondition
  • Consideration  together with the owners or users  for usage of boat/boattype
  • Fitness assestment  corresponding  german regulation  for  rental boats

Gas tests according to DVGW work sheets

Installation, maintenance and testing of LPG systems for recreational facilities in accordance with DVGW worksheet G 607 and DIN EN 1949, as the DVGW worksheet G 608 and DIN EN 10239.ch DVGW worksheets.

  • Gas tests for boats according to DVGW worksheet G 608 and DIN EN 1949 for LPG systems for boats
  • Gas test for vehicles according to DVGW - Worksheet G 607 and DIN 10239 LPG systems in vehicles (mobile home, caravan)

A two-year review of the liquefied gas installation is mandatory and belongs to the permission for operation of the vehicle and operator responsibilities!

This is also true for fixed mooring term campers.

Ports and campsite owner / operators paying more attention to the safety of its users and guests.
Also, exchange or replacement of materials with expired period of consumption is a part of our service packages.